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Quality Sealcoating


Why Seal - Coat?

  • Extends the life of your asphalt by 50%
  • Saves money on costly repairs
  • Helps retain a skid resistant matte surface.
  • Enhances the value of your property.


Erosion of your blacktop occurs when water seeps beneath the surface and continually freezes and thaws.  Through changing seasons, the surface is attacked by wind, excessive heat, gas, oil and salt which leave the asphalt porous and gray.  Oxidation begins to loosen the top coat.  A fresh brush or spray application of our premium sealer will preserve and protect against these destructive forces.  Your entire blacktop surface will remain easier to clean and maintain for years to come.  Preventative maintenance is more economical than expensive repairs and/or replacement* If you have compromised areas we can saw cut and replace these areas prior to the final coating. Sealing is not a structural solution; it is preventive maintenance.
Why Seal-A-Drive?


Seal-A-Drive uses a high quality coal-tar sealer with a reinforced latex additive and silica sand to ensure quicker access, maximum durability, safety and traction.  Our custom blended industrial grade material has 2 to 4 times the sealing strength of retail products in 55-gallon drums or 5-gallon pails.  Our industrial grade products meet and exceed all ASTM, FAA, and Federal specifications.  Numerous design mixes are available to meet varied job-site conditions.  We also machine clean and edge your pavement for maximum results.  Cleaning is essential to proper adhesion.  Our hand applied method is proven to ensure the best possible protection for your asphalt.


With over (20) years of reliable service, we specialize in commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the Main Line area. We are fully licensed, insured and all work is guaranteed.  Our competitive pricing and reliable services provide the most economical and long lasting proven results.