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Residential Asphalt Paving


Seal-A-Drive is not just seal coating. We are a full service company coving all your surfacing needs.


Driveway Repair
Seal-A-Drive can patch repair cracks, divots, potholes, drainage problems, or any other problems with your driving or parking surface.


Driveway extensions
Adding width or turnabouts to existing driveways is easy with Seal-A-Drive. We can easily merge new asphalt into existing asphalt to extend your current surface. Our attention to detail at the joint (where new asphalt meet existing) is to protect your investment. We make sure that all joints are sealed to prevent water inclusion and surface irregularities, extending the life of your current driveway.


New Driveway Installations

We can remove and install new driveways.



Seal-A-Drive is a full service paving and seal coating business. We own and maintain all our equipment. Do not be fooled by others when you expect quality and professionalism in your paving and seal coating needs.